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result china presents its own Poker Mixed Game Championship in November, adding another tournament to its Premier League.’s Poker Mixed Game Championship is scheduled to be held for the first time from November 13th to 17th, 2011. The online poker service chose the legendary Playboy Club in London’s Mayfair district as the venue, which should give the event an appropriate setting.

PartyPoker Presents: 1st Poker Mixed Game Championship

12 players should compete in the tournament and show what they can do in three disciplines. Four players have confirmed so far, namely the American Mike Sexton, the Brit Sam Trickett and his compatriot Luke Schwartz, who enjoys home advantage here in London, and the Australian Tony Guoga, better known as Tony G. They occupy the first places the tables where a dozen world-class players will compete in No-Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Hold’em and also Pot Limit Omaha in November.

The preliminary rounds are played in two groups of six players each, with the top three from each group advancing to the final. In this final, it’s not just about winning the event and the prize money, but also about a secure starting place in the Main Event of the Premier League from PartyPoker.

New poker tournament from

Accordingly, the players will certainly work hard and do their best in all disciplines. The “Double-Up” card that every player receives and with which you can double your points in one go in the preliminary rounds could help a little here. There will also be a joker. Only those who are among the best in their group after these three rounds can advance to the final, in which a mixture of all three poker disciplines is once again on the table. It will be interesting to see who then uses the better strategy to play their way to the top. Actually, something like poker shouldn’t be for children, but if they have an innate ability then I guess it shouldn’t be stopped, especially not when she’s already winning against 40-year-olds at the age of 7.

And it all started purely educationally, because in order to teach his daughter to count, dad Justin Fisher taught her the numbers with playing cards. When Alexa then saw these cards appearing in poker games on TV (which her father watched enthusiastically), she asked the connection and who could refuse this little angel a wish?

Alexa Fisher: Small but mighty

Alexa is not yet allowed to take part in the official competitions, for which the currently 8-year-old has to wait 10 years, but she can compete with adults, and she has already shown it impressively. Aside from the psychological benefit she has from sitting at a poker table as a little girl, so does Alexa’s mind, as she has mastered over 50 card games from the world of poker, her favorite game being Omaha, simply, “because.” it’s better”.

Favorite of poker players

By the way, Alexa’s favorite player is Barbara Enright, who among other things runs the “Woman Poker Player” magazine and has already invited Alexa to a hot chocolate. The poker prodigy (just a little less impressive than the piano prodigy) is already famous among the pros and so it’s more common for Alexa to be greeted during breaks in her visits to major competitions by all manner of poker stars of royalty, such as Phil Hellmuth, Doyle Brunson or Johnny Chan. Whether 10 years from now Alexa will still want to play poker to compete in the games of her idols, well only time will tell.


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