Adwords To Trial Opportunites Tab In UK – Will It Help Your PPC Advertising?

Adwords To Trial Opportunites Tab In UK – Will It Help Your PPC Advertising? post thumbnail image

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has its place in almost all commercial websites. Gaining organic traffic is always a big plus, however, a good advertising campaign can often deliver traffic that converts well. Google is the biggest PPC manager around at present and they are continually trying to improve the service they provide to advertisers. The latest offering is what Adwords calls the ‘Opportunities Tab’.

This has been in beta in the US for a short while and is now being extended to the UK and Australia. What is the ‘Opportunities Tab’? According to the Adwords blog, the Opportunites Tab is:

a new section in your AdWords account designed to help you find additional cost-effective traffic for your search campaigns.

That sounds rather attractive, but will it help? Again, from the Adwords blog:

You can think of the Opportunities tab as your homepage for account optimization. You can use the tab to get a quick overview of Google’s customized keyword and budget ideas for your campaigns and ad groups. You can also compare the impact of different ideas before making changes.

Being able to get some assistance in keyword suggestions is always going to be a help, particularly if you can do so at a competitive price. There are two things to consider when it comes to a tool like this.

The first is that Google is not providing it because they want to help you. I am cynical enough to believe that Google is hoping you’ll find a few extra keywords attractive and that you are prepared to fork out a little extra to pay for those keywords. The end result is extra advertising revenue for them. You need to think carefully and test thoroughly before throwing more money into your PPC advertising.

The second thing you need to consider are the keywords themselves. Are they ‘converting’ type keywords? If not then you could be wasting advertising funds on useless keywords. This is the biggest trap for new advertisers; jumping in, advertising their best keywords then wondering why conversions are low.

Where the Opportunities Tab will be of help is if you are already considering expanding your PPC advertising campaigns. Use the tool to find extra keywords that could lead to an increase in sales. When selecting your new keywords, be sure to test them thoroughly before throwing good money at them.

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